Hello i'm a user experience designer and i believe in


Hello, my name is Pedro, I am a User Experience designer and my main goal is trying to give the user the best and most enjoyable experience possible when visiting a website. To achieve that objective I use methods and processes I have learned during my profissional career.

I have been focusing on the user experience area because I believe in the growing importance of this subject in the digital world. The Information Architecture has increasing weight on the way we design to a variety of platforms . Considering the massive quantity of information flowing online and in order to achieve commercial success it is vital to provide instantly the right information to the user through a pleasant and comfortable design.

Without the user experience perspective even the most appealing website can fail in conveying its message. Thus, a website has to be not only aesthetically pleasing design wise, but also simple and easy to navigate and able to communicate the information the user requires without added effort.


If you want to say Hi! :) Please get in touch and send me an email to
pedro (at) helloimpedro (dot) com